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Kathryn Hammer

My philosophy is  simple: if it's worth saying, it's worth saying well. 

Even the dryest, most complex subjects and issues can be made fascinating or compelling.There's always something delightful, surprising, 
profound, shocking, tender or funny to be found among the data. I get a kick out of finding it, and helping to convey it to a wide audience.
I'm a big believer in straight talk and authentic voice. So that's how I write. I'm an impersonator of sorts. I dig deep to find my client's key message, analyze how the audience can best hear it, and put the two together in my client's best voice.  

(I can do actual voices, too--a passable Katherine Hepburn, a killer Edith Ann, and convincing accents:Russian,Southern, and my personal favorite, Fargo.)

I've been at this for more than 20 years, and I never cease to get a charge out of my clients' successes...the standing ovations, the great reviews, the real and measurable results for businesses, organizations, causes, and individuals. Playing a part in that is so gratifying and great fun.  

In addition to executive communications and ghostwriting, Kathryn is published under her own byline in numerous magazines and newspapers.  She is the author of three humor books published by Contemporary Books/McGraw Hill, and is a contributing author to several other books, including three titles from Publications International, Ltd. 

Kathryn has spoken widely on the role of humor in business, health, and quality of life.
She was a contributing writer and director with the White House Writers Group in Washington, D.C. 

Got something you need to nail? 
 Use a Hammer.

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