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KCH Strategic Communications
has been serving top-tier clientele in the public and private sectors for more than two decades.  

Never heard of us? Good! That's one of the many reasons our clients like us. 

Well, not "us" exactly. Me. Kathryn Hammer.
I'm a one-woman shop. 
Low-profile. Discreet.  
Who needs mouthy ghostwriters blabbing about how they wrote your speech, your editorial, your book?   

But I'll bet you've heard of some of my clients.  And seen or heard at least some snippet of my work.

Maybe it was a Wall Street Journal article.  Or a speech on the floor of Congress. It could have been a college commencement address, or
a letter from the CEO.  You might have heard a soundbite on the nightly news, or read an editorial in a leading trade journal. (Remember the time you bought that private label coffee just because the package copy made you smile? Small world, huh!)  

Perhaps our paths crossed when you wrote a check in response to that appeals letter. Maybe we grazed pixels in a web article or you ran your eyes over my fonts in the pages of a business skills book. 

Maybe it was the time you attended that convention and the keynote was (gasp!)  actually compelling and interesting and powerful and funny. 

If you laughed til you cried at a gala roast or benefit... yep, could've been me.  

You might even know one of my clients personally...
say, someone whose 
communications skills you've always admired. My lips are sealed.

Who knows? You may have gained insights, 
changed your mind about an issue, bought a product or service, learned something, took action, or simply enjoyed yourself as a result of something I've written.  

I hope so.

Because that's the whole point.  





What if...

people could hear you?

paid attention to what you were saying and the message you were sharing? Grasped the true heart and soul of it?

Processed it, cared about it, and remembered it?

Imagine your message 
clear, compelling, and effective. 

It's how things get done. From product and service sales to business building, fundraising or national policy issues... 

...whether in print, on-air, on the web, at the podium or round table, it all begins with words.

And there's too much at stake to settle for good enough.

If you would like to go from good to great with your communications, 
I'd love to help.  Just click on the contact button in the upper left side of the page, and let me know what's coming up that could use a professional touch. 



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