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What They're Saying
What They're Saying
"Thank you for an exceptional speech. It went over very well and has been getting very positive press. Once again, you were absolutely on target, and I'm enormously appreciative."

"Perfect! You've done it again. The client loved it. You're the best."

"This is GREAT.  Exactly what we were looking for, but didn't know it til we saw it. How did you know??"
"You struck just the right tone and your suggestions were on the money.  You'd think by now I'd have learned to quit second-guessing you. You have a real talent, and your intuitive grasp on what the moment calls for is a constant source of amazement." 

"Thank you for your hard work.  This is so much better after your touch. "

"The analogy you came up with was brilliant, and makes things far clearer.  I've already had chance to use it in interviews as well, and as you'll see from the links, the press has picked up on it."

"The Ambassador to Ireland said it was the best St. Patrick's day speech he'd ever heard. And he's heard a few."  

"We've gotten such great response to the 'friendlier' tone, we won't be going back to the corp-speak as you called it. Thanks for helping us loosen our ties."

"Interrupted by applause at least a dozen times, and two standing ovations.  They laughed at all the right places and at the part where [redacted], there wasn't a dry eye in the house."

"I know how risky humor can be. I needn't have worried.  It was a big hit and a lot of fun, thanks to you.  Sure makes a difference having professional material. Thank you, thank you."

"Great stuff.  This project probably seemed small to you, but we've been struggling with it for months.   Like you said, fresh eyes."  

"One of the soldiers came up to me after  [the speech] and said, "Sir, I didn't much want to be here today. But I have to tell you, that was the best damn speech I ever heard."  
"I consider you one of the best speechwriters in America."   



                                           Kathryn has written for....                                
Elected and appointed federal officials, including
the U.S. Department of Labor, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, and the U.S. House of Representatives
State Governors

Professional speakers
                                          Corporate Executives in both small business and major international  
                                          firms, in the fields of telecommunications, finance, energy,    
                                          retail, hospitality, chemicals, health care, and service industries  
                                          Non-profit organizations, including charitable, research   
                                          community, think-tank, and educational.
                                          PR and communications firms   
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